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  • Chicago Boudoir Photography

  • When we started Jamie's HomeBody boudoir photography session in Chicago it was pouring. Thankfully it let up so we could use their awesome patio for some shots. Much more to come of Jamie and her Chicago boudoir session all weekend long!
  • HomeBody Boudoir Photography - Jamie's Chicago Session

  • For our Chicago HomeBody boudoir photography session, Jamie's apartment had a wonderful deck overlooking Chicago. I knew as soon as I walked into her place it's something we would be using. Just one of the things that makes HomeBody unique is that we always shoot in your own home (apartment or c[...]
  • Chicago Boudoir Photography

  • More of Jamie and her Chicago Boudoir Photography session. Jamie's session was a 'Gift For Him'. Why would you do a HomeBody boudoir session? For yourself? For someone else? To celebrate an achievement? Contact us to set up a session!