Not sure what to wear? Check out Past models in the HomeBody Gallery!


Are you interested in hiring us for a HomeBody boudoir photography session, but are unsure of what to wear or how your home will photograph? You’re not alone! These are usually two of the first things that pop into a woman’s head when contemplating a boudoir photography session. A great place to start, is by taking a moment and looking through our Gallery of many of the women who have done a boudoir session with HomeBody in the past! In there you are sure to see someone or something that you will relate to that will spark creativity for your own shoot! In the Gallery you will find women of all different ages, races and backgrounds. Just as there are lots of different women, there are also many different types of homes. Condos, apartments, small homes, large houses, backyard, decks. What makes HomeBody Boudoir photography unique, is that each shoot is individual to you and your own life. This is one of the main reasons HomeBody boudoir is always photographed in your own home. If you’re interested in learning more or booking a session, contact us now to set up your consultation!

HomeBody Boudoir Photography is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and is available for travel to Chicago, Columbus and Indianapolis.

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