Have questions about your Cincinnati boudoir session with HomeBody!? Hopefully this page will help answer many of those:

Where will the photo session take place?
All photo sessions take place in your apartment, condo or house. Part of what ‘HomeBody’ is, is celebrating your unique & personal style, and that includes your home.

How does Homebody differentiate from traditional boudoir photography?Most traditional boudoir photography takes on a very glamorous and ‘Victoria Secret’s’ look to it. While ‘Homebody’ is sexy, it is also the real you. It is your real wardrobe, in your real environments doing real things you enjoy doing (cooking, yoga, reading, etc.). It takes on much more of a lifestyle approach, while still achieving, fun, flirty and sexy photos.

How should I prepare for my boudoir shoot?If you are having your hair and makeup done by our artists, have clean hair and a clean face free of makeup when you arrive. If you are doing your own hair & make-up, we highly suggest you have a very clean & soft look, while at the same time being true to how you normally would wear your make-up. Also, have anything you might want to include in the pictures present – Books, food you will cook with, an instrument you will play, etc.

Do I have to be fully nude at any time?
The answer is no you do not. However, every shoot and every woman are different when it comes to this. While some women prefer to be covered up throughout the shoot, others end up completely comfortable in little to nothing by shoot’s end. While you may not actually be nude in the photos, removing certain clothing items might be necessary to achieve certain ‘looks’ you desire in the photographs. This will be a gradual process from the shoot’s beginning to end, and I will work with your comfort level.

What if I have never modeled before?
 Most women you see on our website have never modeled before! I will help you pose and by the end of the shoot you’ll be a natural!

Will you retouch my photos?Yes we will absolutely retouch your photos, however it’s important that the photos still portray the real you as closely as possible. The retouching I do consists of skin smoothing, eye sharpening, removing skin abrasions (scars, acne), and removing stretch marks. It is done to a degree that looks very natural. We’re always open to hearing special requests you may have in regards to the processing as well.

Will you use my images on the Internet?We will only use your images with your permission! This is something we will discuss long before we shoot.

How do I schedule a session? Please contact us to to get started! You must then sign a contract and pay the package fee upfront to lock your place on the calendar. We accept cash, check or credit card.

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