Cincinnati Boudoir Photography – What Makes HomeBody Unique

What Makes HomeBody Boudoir Unique?

So what makes HomeBody boudoir photography different from other Cincinnati and Chicago boudoir photography? While boudoir will always have emphasis on the individual, at HomeBody we feel that featuring your surroundings is equally as important. In addition to just you, our photography is also a celebration of your home and a particular time in your life. This special attention to the big picture is what makes HomeBody unique compared to other Cincinnati and Chicago boudoir businesses.

And to capture all of these elements, our number one priority is making you feel comfortable. And it should be—if you aren’t at ease with the situation and setting, the shots are going to come off as forced and inauthentic. Worse yet, you won’t enjoy yourself or the product delivered at the end. When someone is uncomfortable in front of the camera, it is generally very obvious, as one of the keys to great boudoir photography is authenticity.

To ensure this high comfort level, we do a number of things that separate us from standard studio boudoir:

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography

Be Home Free

Unlike other studios, HomeBody does its sessions right in the comfort of your own home. This means no impersonal studio rooms, blinding set lights, or random and cheesy props.

Being in a real environment that you feel comfortable in makes the entire experience more enjoyable for you, the client. If you feel natural in your environment, you are going to look natural in the eye of the camera.

Feeling relaxed in front of a photographer you know only from a consultation session can feel foreign enough already—there is no sense in also trying to warm up to and feel comfortable with new surroundings as well.

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography

The Authentic You

Being in your own home also allows opportunities for your real personality to come out in ways that would be impossible in a studio shoot done elsewhere.

While the options are limited in a traditional studio, spontaneity and creativity are abundant during our sessions. HomeBody boudoir loves to photograph clients doing what makes them happiest and feel most at ease—everything from reading your favorite book on your coach to yoga in your living room to making tea in your kitchen.

These unique touches really help make your photographs yours, as opposed to putting you in the same standard poses that everyone else does.

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography

Your Unlimited Wardrobe

Another HomeBody advantage that adds to your shoot’s authenticity is that we encourage you to wear your own wardrobe—again, emphasis on whatever you feel most comfortable with!

If wearing lingerie isn’t something you would normally wear, there’s no pressure to try and look sexy in something you aren’t relaxed in. If you feel best in your old favorite t-shirt and ratty boy shorts, do it: Real is beautiful. A great place to get ideas is to look at previous women’s sessions with HomeBody.

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography 


Glamour Without the Glam

It never made sense to us to try and re-create super sultry Victoria Secret-type photos if the individual has a more playful demeanor. Getting a little ‘out-there’ might be good for novelty’s sake for a handful of shots, but we try to avoid doing sessions entirely of cheesy ‘glam’ shots involving parasols, American flags, and eating nectarines (unless that’s how you normally hang out around your place).

If you are being honest with you who you are, it shouldn’t take any kind of extra effort to make your boudoir unique. We believe beauty starts with the subject—everything else is merely there to complement your beauty, not complete it. 

Again, authenticity in your own home is what we strive for, and we promise that your experience with HomeBody will be completely unique compared to other Cincinnati and Chicago boudoir businesses.

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography

Our print and album packages make the perfect surprise gift for a significant other—especially if it’s maybe a little outside the ‘realm’ of anything you’ve done before.

Clients also do HomeBody shoots to commemorate and celebrate everything from significant birthdays, milestones, or as an alternative to the standard maternity shoot. And some just do it for no other reason to than to celebrate their own femininity, their home, and *this* particular time in their life.

So celebrate yourself with us—check out our rates and options and contact us today to get started.