Privacy and Your HomeBody Boudoir Photography Session

Downtown_Chicago_Boudoir_Photograpghy_HomeBody_Lora_15As you look through Homebody Photo’s blog, and the galleries of all the amazing women who have been on the site in the past, you’ll notice very quickly that it’s very easy to tell who these women are; their identities are not a secret! Until you get to Lora (pictured) who is currently being featured on the blog. While Lora very much wanted to do a HomeBody boudoir photography session, she was looking for a bit more privacy and did not wish to have her identity completely revealed like many of the other women on the site. After the shoot, we even consulted with her to determine which pictures we were permitted to post…just to be sure!Seeing everyone else’s face on the website, Lora was understandably concerned that she would have to do the same. We completely understand that many women may want to do a HomeBody boudoir session, but are not too keen on the idea of having the whole world see it. It’s something they want to do for themselves, or as a gift for their husband or boyfriend, but not for all eyes to see. In fact, there are many boudoir sessions we shoot that are never published on the blog. We respect everyone’s right to privacy and while we’re appreciative of those who let us share their wonderful images on both the blog and in our galleries, we are also completely understanding of those who wish to keep it a more private matter.

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