What is HomeBody?

Homebody is a new and unique approach to traditional boudoir photography. Fun and flirty, strong and sexy, each Homebody shoot is customized to fit your desires, while keeping with Homebody’s mission: To capture the uniqueness and individuality of “you” at this time in your life, through natural and beautiful images.

We hope that if you’re hiring Homebody, it is something you want to do for you. Homebody is not only an exceptionally enjoyable and memorable experience, we hope that it is also an empowering one for you.

While many women are drawn to Homebody as a gift for a significant other or themselves, there are many reasons women choose to do a Homebody shoot:

  • Homebody makes a beautiful wedding gift for your fiancé.
  • A sexy surprise for your significant other. Homebody is a wonderful holiday, birthday, wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift!
  • A wonderful way to celebrate your own birthday, achieving a personal goal or overcoming a challenging time in your life.
  • A very unique alternative to a traditional maternity shoot.
  • And again, women hire ‘Homebody’ simply as a way to celebrate and appreciate your fabulous femininity.

We will work with you to uncover your vision and desires for your shoot. A personal, one-on-one consultation is included with every package.  It helps us approach each shoot with a fresh and unique thought process in order to customize your shoot to your comfort level.

There are many things that make Homebody different from traditional boudoir photography. Every shoot takes place in your own home – which not only adds a certain distinctiveness to each shoot, but enhances the comfort zone by being photographed in a familiar and personal environment.

The wardrobe you choose can also make Homebody unique. While many of our shoots DO incorporate some sort of lingerie or undergarment look, we believe you don’t have to be wearing something from a lingerie store to look and feel sexy. What do you feel sexy in? T-shirts, tank tops, boy shorts, sweats? Check out our gallery and you’ll find plenty of examples to spark your creativity.

Professional hair & make-up is included in several packages as a fun way to help you look and feel your best on the day of our shoot.   A personal shopper and wardrobe stylist is an extra treat to consider as well.

Any woman can do Homebody!  If you free your inhibitions and let your confidence shine, you will feel like a model.  Upon seeing the final images, you will become one.