What to Wear For Your HomeBody Boudoir Shoot!

BoudporPhotography_WhatToWear_HomeBody_SB_ALLWhat to wear, what to wear…you’re not the only one who is racking their brain. It’s perfectly normal! You want to feel confident in what you’re wearing! When a woman is confident, the camera can see that. So these are important decisions! A good place to start is with how many outfits you need to choose and this can be partly decided by what package you choose. Some of our packages call for two outfits while others call for three to four. Regardless, you want to have a few choices ready for the day of your shoot. When choosing, there are a few general guidelines that are good places to start:

  • Wardrobe #1 – Make this very simple. A bra and underwear you love. If you were going to do a more traditional lingerie look, this is where that look would fit it. You can always mix in a robe or maybe a man’s dress shirt with it too (or other accessories). It’s always nice to give yourself something to do in the pictures – like take off that robe or shirt!
  • Wardrobe #2 – Make this outfit a bit more fun and a little less formal then option #1. Think, a t-shirt (maybe sheer or see through) and fun underwear like guys briefs or something with a Superman logo on it. Again like option #1, wear something else with this look too. Maybe a hooded sweatshirt, sweater, or wear sweatpants over the underwear. It gives us options to play with!
  • Wardrobe #3 and beyond– These are up to you. Get creative and make it “YOU”. Maybe you’re into Yoga, or you love working out….that could be a look. Maybe you want to do something in a towel or bed sheets…that could be a look. Maybe you own something that you know HE will love. We’ll work together to come up with an original and creative idea!

If you’re still struggling, get online and check out our gallery and blog. You will see lots of different options and looks sure to spark an idea for you. In the pictures in this blog post alone, you will see so many different looks and styles. You can also hire our wardrobe stylist Rachael Andersen to not only sort through your closet with you, but take you shopping for that perfect look. She will give you amazing professional advice on what colors and styles will work best for you!

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