Why do a HomeBody Boudoir Session? – Part 1

Downtown_Chicago_Boudoir_Photograpghy_HomeBody_Lora_7Lora is our newest addition to the HomeBody blog! There are many different reasons why someone may choose to do a HomeBody boudoir session! One of the more popular instances, is to use the pictures as a surprise gift for your boyfriend, fiancé or husband! Boudoir pictures can make a wonderful gift for your upcoming wedding or even wedding anniversary! Imagine how excited he would be to receive something not only so beautiful and thoughtful, but also so unexpected! Seeing the pictures is one thing, but seeing them in one of the gorgeous albums we offer or even in a 12 month calendar, makes for a unique gift for him. We also offer digital image packages if you would want to tease him with a different picture each day!

This is exactly why Lora chose to do a HomeBody Boudoir session. She wanted to give her boyfriend something special that he wasn’t expecting; And from what we’ve been told, he was both very surprised and excited about the pictures!

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