Why We Shoot in Your Home

Chicago_Boudoir_Photography_Why_We_Shoot_In_Your_Home_ALLOne of the things that makes ‘HomeBody’ boudoir photography different, is that every session is done in your own home (hence the name!). There are three main reasons as to why our boudoir sessions our done in your apartment, condo or home. First, this allows every single shoot we do to have a uniqueness different from every shoot we’ve done prior or will do after your boudoir shoot.

Secondly, shooting in your own home also adds an undeniable comfort level to the shoot. Lets be honest, when we’re talking about a boudoir session, we’re talking about walking around in your underwear in front of someone (or multiple people) you just recently met. Being able to do this in your home most definitely adds some level of comfort. You’re able to play the music you like, change in your own room and (most importantly) set the temperature to your liking. Have you ever been in a freezing cold studio? You will appreciate this one a lot more if you have.

Third and finally, shooting your HomeBody boudoir session in your own home allows us to incorporate things into the shoot that are important to you! Whether this is playing with your dog, cooking in your kitchen or reading outside on your porch, the final photos reveal a glimpse into what makes you unique and special.

As you can see by the examples in this post, everyone’s home is different, but every home is unique to that individual. It would never be the same results if you were to do a HomeBody shoot in someone else’s home or random studio, because your comfort level wouldn’t be the same. Looking back at your HomeBody boudoir session down the road lets you remember and reflect on this time in your life, and where you live is a huge part of that!

If you’d like to see more “home” examples, check out our gallery of various shoots! Contact us now to schedule a consultation to learn more!

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